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Yellow Paint Colours

Yellow paint colours have an inherent brightness, freshness and warmth. Browse our yellow hues below. or explore our inspiration gallery of yellow paint schemes.

There are perfect hues of yellow for kitchens, dining rooms, hallways and bedrooms.

For a bold highlight, consider bold yellow shades like Mister David or Trumpet on woodwork or furniture. For a more muted, all-over scheme, try Light Gold or Mortlake Yellow.

Orange & brown-based yellows

Marigold cannot fail to deliver the pleasing feeling of comfort generated by this suite of very warm yellow colours. The strength of colour presented by Middle Buff has made it an on-trend colour highlight in many projects. This warm yellow paint can be teamed with muted yellows, such as Clay Pale, or contrasted with the bright blue Deep Space Blue to great dynamic effect.

Muted yellows

The natural ambiance of muted yellow-based colours is hard-wired into our culture and should not be overlooked. The warmth and cosiness provided by this suite of yellow paints owes its popularity to the sophisticated colour gained through the use of naturally occurring pigments, such as ochre and raw umber. The greener shades, Oak Apple help to bring the garden into the home, whilst the more earthy tones of Bassoon provide a more classic look.

Strong yellows

The use of strong yellow paint colours, either on walls or in a more contemporary all-over scheme, will bring dynamism to a room or vibrancy and invitation to a front door. Choosing yellow entails consideration of both the vibrancy and strength of the colour.

Popular shades Yellow-Pink and Mister David offer different decoration styles: Yellow-Pink, a classical colour, is popular as a wall finish for dining rooms, lounges or study spaces. Mister David on the other hand is more suitable for kitchens, where the activity of the room matches the dynamism of the colour. Pair these strong yellows with the brighter First Light or more subdued Stock-Mid or use Mister David on a front door for a bold entrance.

Using Yellow Paint in Combination

The choice amongst our yellows is about the complexity of the pigmentation we use: the more complex the mix of pigments, the broader the range of colours that can be coordinated.

With few exceptions, these yellows celebrate this complexity. This base of pigmentation makes our yellow paints ideal candidates for harmonious combination with strong and vibrant colours, as well as other gentler shades – the go-to palate for luxurious living.

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