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White Paint Colours

White paints are extremely versatile and can be used everywhere in the home. An all-over white paint scheme provides a bright, fresh finish. In a more vibrant scheme, select a complementary white shade for woodwork or ceilings for harmony and balance.

When selecting a white shade, consider the undertones within the colour. A blue-based white will make a room feel brighter and cooler, a brown-based white will bring warmth and cosiness to a space, a green-based white will bring a fresh feel to a room and an off-white will provide a more subtle, muted tones, an excellent alternative to brilliant white.

Explore different finish options including white emulsion paint and white gloss paint.

Whites with a dash of pink

The pink tinge within these white paint colours makes for a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The warmth of China Clay or Rolling Fog-Pale are seen as whites in all circumstances despite the dash of red added to their base recipe. These warm white paints can be used very effectively in coordinating schemes with their Colour Scales family of differing strengths. Meanwhile, Julie’s Dream displays more of their colour character and can play a stronger part in the colour scheme.

Neutral whites

Neutral-based whites contain little colour and provide an excellent backdrop upon which to decorate at the same time as maximising light retention. The neutral whites, including French Grey-Pale and Slaked Lime, are not cold but contain multiple pigments which support decorating accessories and fabrics to become the star of the show.

Our coolest offerings are suited to a minimalist decoration style, like Gauze and its colour scale family. Whereas French Grey (brown/grey) has the ability to combine with other strong colours in a harmonious way.

Whites with a touch of green

Bringing a dash of green into any white paint scheme adds a definite softness. It is this redolence of natural shades which makes white paints with a touch of green so popular in contemporary decoration.

Within this colour group, Green Stone and Pearl Colour both create a harmonious and relaxing ambiance for bedrooms and living spaces painted white.

Choosing the Right White Paint

For our purest whites, plump for Loft White and Shirting. These are pure blank mineral whites with no colour added.

Choose white paints carefully to create the correct ambiance. Apply sample pots in-situ to see the effect of the light throughout the day and into the evening.

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