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Red & Pink Paint Colours

Red is traditionally an expensive colour to produce and these classic paint shades have always carried an air of opulence. Browse our red and pink paint colours or explore our gallery for inspiration.

From the deep muted Victorian colour of Bronze Red paint to the stand-out Atomic Red, this versatile palette of pink and red paint colours can be used for any style of home. For something a little softer, browse our selection of delicate pink paints, from the sweetness of Confetti to the stronger dusky pink, Light Peachblossom.

Muted reds & pinks

Muted Reds and Pinks encapsulate those dusky colours so popular with many designers. Both pale and strong colours from this section are redolent of flowers and the easy nature of soft furnishings. For a natural gentle pink or deep red choose Blush, where the red ochre pigment offers a not too sweet ambiance for a project. Alternatively, Light Peachblossom are our standout dusky pinks with a hint of violet.

Reds and Pinks give us a greater variety of colour than any other colour group.

These paints can be soft and gentle as Light Peachblossom, strong and vibrant as Theatre Red, or completely subdued as Perennial Grey.

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