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Intelligent Gloss 

Intelligent Gloss provides a sophisticated sheen-level of 85% for both interior and exterior woodwork.

Tough and washable, this water-based finish is ideal for use on interior woodwork and metals. It is particularly functional in rooms which need to be cleaned frequently, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

A popular choice for front doors, Intelligent Gloss reflects light and provides a distinctive high-gloss finish.

Intelligent Gloss Overview:


Environmentally-friendly paint

Fully washable

Interior and exterior use

Suitable for woodwork, plaster walls and primed metals

Gloss level: 85% (high)

Coverage: approx 14 square metres per litre (one coat)

Available in all colours

Available in 1L tins

Benefits of Intelligent Gloss

Interior & Exterior

Intelligent Gloss is suitable for use on both interior and exterior projects.


Should there be any accidents, all of our ‘Intelligent’ paints are washable with soapy water. They provide the perfect finish for high traffic areas in the home, such as hallways and landings.


Intelligent Gloss is a quick-drying alternative Oil Gloss, allowing you to achieve a high-sheen finish in much less time.

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Applying Intelligent Luxury Gloss Paint

Use this gloss paint for wood, metals, and plaster walls, both indoors and outdoors. We recommend preparing and priming any surface before applying a gloss finish. 

This high-gloss finish looks particularly sophisticated on a wooden front doors, especially in darker shades like ‘Dock Blue’ or ‘Basalt’.

You may want to consider Traditional Oil Gloss for a traditional high-sheen finish.

Product Data Sheet for Intelligent Gloss.

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Regulatory Advice Sheet for Intelligent Gloss

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Intelligent Gloss