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Intelligent Floor Paint

This revolutionary water-based paint is suitable for all floors and interior woodwork within the busy home.

Easy to apply and, unlike oil-based alternatives, low odour and dry within four hours, Intelligent Floor Paint is durable and washable, with a sheen level of 30-40%. 

No more waiting overnight for the floor to dry, or complicated logistics whilst waiting for stairs to dry. With our Intelligent Floor Paint, life can continue almost seamlessly with this Intelligent alternative.

Intelligent Floor Paint Overview:

Suitable for interior wood, concrete and suitably primed metal floors.
A washable, easy-clean paint finish.

Very durable and stain/damage resistant.

Surface dry in 1-2 hours

Benefits of Intelligent Floor Paint


This hard wearing floor paint is washable making it perfect for use in a busy home.  Available in the full Little Greene colour palette, you can create impact with bright shades for impact or use a timeless neutral for a more subtle finish.


Should there be any accidents, our ‘Intelligent’ paints are washable and easy to clean. So this washable floor paint provides the perfect finish for high traffic rooms, such as stairs, hallways and landings.

Quick Drying

Due to its water-based formula, this quick-drying floor paint is touch dry in just 1-2 hours so you can complete your project with minimal disruption.

Child Safe

The smarter choice for both your home and your family, our ‘Intelligent Paints’ are child-safe and environmentally-friendly without compromising our hallmark flatness and depth of colour.

Find out more about our Child Safe paints

Applying Intelligent Floor Paint

Before applying Intelligent Floor Paint, we recommend preparing the surface for painting. For soft woods, knots should be sealed with Little Greene Aluminium Wood Primer to prevent staining.

Apply one thinned coat of Intelligent ASP (All Surface Primer) followed by the recommended two full coats of Intelligent Floor Paint. You can find the full preparation advice for all surfaces in the Technical Advice Sheet.

Product Data Sheet for Little Greene Intelligent Floor Paint.

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Regulatory Advice Sheet for Intelligent Floor Paint.

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Intelligent Floor Paint