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Green Paint Colours

The original 'colour of nature', green paint is reassuring, soothing and elegant. Browse our different shades of green paint below.

Green paint schemes are ideal for areas that require tranquility such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Select muted hues like 'Aquamarine' or 'Ambleside' for a restful scheme. Or create vibrancy and energy with bold luxury green paint colours like 'Sage & Onions or 'Green Verditer.' Green jewel tones, like 'Puck' or 'Mid Azure Green', are the perfect paint colours for cosiness and warmth in living spaces.

Strong greens

Whilst retaining their signature of natural heritage, the strong greens take their character a significant step further. These shades of strong green paint create elegance and power wherever they are used. The rich colours found in Invisible Green, Olive Colour and Mid Azure Green will provide a superb wall colour in living spaces alongside artwork and fabrics. Whilst the near black Obsidian Green gives the perfect presentation as a very classical front door colour.

Blue greens

The green blues that are termed “aqua” represent an important suite of colours for interior designers. These aqua tones are respected both for their inherent beauty and ability to combine very well with other colours, particularly with natural materials, especially woods. These green paint shades bring with them a clarity of colour even when displayed in very diluted form, as in Aquamarine-Pale. Tea with Florence is a sophisticated darker shade which, along with Aquamarine Deep and Canton, has the strength to be the lead colour in a scheme. All of these greens make an excellent choice for hallway or living space, especially when used with a pale choice - such as Aquamarine-Pale - to provide contrast and structure.

All colours of green bring a feeling of natural wellbeing and life to a scheme. Choices exist between strength of colour as well as the decision between different groups of green paint: colours with a tendency toward aqua, like Aquamarine, or those with a yellow component, such as Pale Lime or Citrine.

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