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Unfolded Colours of England Colour Card

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We always recommend ordering a colour card when choosing colour for your home. The flying chips in all Little Greene colour cards are painted using our Absolute Matt Emulsion to ensure total colour accuracy – these are not matched inks or colour imitations, allowing you to begin your project with confidence.

Your complimentary sample pack

When you request a free colour card, you will receive a pack containing our Colours of England and Colour Scales colour card.

Designed to make choosing colours a pleasure, our two colour cards bring together the best of our capsule collections, showcasing 196 Little Greene colours in a new format, presented together, providing a refined and refreshed ‘Colours of England’ collection alongside an expanded range of graduated shades in the new ‘Colour Scales’ offering.

You'll also receive our ‘Paint’ brochure, providing product details and information on the best finish for your project.

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Colours of England and Colour Scales Colour Cards
Colours of England and Colour Scales Colour Cards

Colours of England

The new ‘Colours of England’ card has been updated to meet the growing desire for classic, timeless colours that are both simple to choose and a joy to live with. The collection includes many significant shades from all over the British Isles that have contributed to the internationally renowned style of ‘English Interior Design’.

Colour Scales

The extended ‘Colour Scales’ colour card, offering a further eight families of diluted iconic Little Greene colours, and incorporating the ‘Stone’ and ‘Grey’ capsule collections, is a response to the increasing desire for easy and simple-to-scheme colours that create harmonious and monochromatic backdrops to decoration. The new ‘Colour Scales’ card also includes deeper colours alongside the ever-popular diluted shades, as useful identifiers for the undertone of each colour family.

The card has been designed for ease of use, each colour is one of a graduated family, grouped in columns according to undertone. Shades within the same column can be used together for tonal coordination, or across columns to create a balanced contrast.

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Colour consultant selecting shades
Colour consultant selecting shades

Choosing Colour

For total colour accuracy, all Little Greene colour cards are made using our Absolute Matt Emulsion paint, straight from the tin. These are not colour matched inks or printed imitations of colour, so will react to carrying lighting conditions in exactly the same way as your finished walls.

Featuring unique ‘flying chips’ of colour, Little Greene colour cards allow for a perfect match when complementing shades with existing wallpapers, fabrics, tiles, painted walls, or any additional coordinating scheme. Simply folding the card from beneath the chips gives the freedom of comparing them directly against different elements of colour in your space.

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Your Little Greene colour cards will be sent out to you within 5 days.

In the meantime, explore our Inspiration section to plan your project and don’t hesitate to contact our team should you require any further assistance. Our Live Chat can be found in the lower right corner of our homepage.

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Study with Hencroft Punch yellow wallpaper above plain green walls in Jewel Beetle
Hencroft Punch yellow floral wallpaper pattern

Combining colour and pattern

After requesting your colour card pack, you may also want to consider using wallpaper in your scheme.

You can sample any design and colourway from our range of historic wallpaper designs with our complimentary A4 samples.

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How to use your colour card

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