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Blue Paint Colours

Blue hues are inherently associated with light and space. Browse our palette of luxury blue paint shades below or find inspiration in our gallery of blue schemes.

Blue paints are chosen for their tranquil qualities, particularly for bedrooms and bathrooms. Utilise blue paint hues like Woad or Hicks' Blue to bring warmth to a room or select something with a hint of green like Canton for a bold finish. For a softer look, try a shade of blue paint like Bone China Blue from the Colour Scales family.

Pale blues

Light blue paint colours can be restful and easy on the eye because we see this natural colour daily: in the sky, reflected in the sea, and as an ever-popular colour for clothing. We are in love with blue but fear it will control us with its cold or cool appearance.

Careful consideration should be given to the direction of the natural light entering a room in blue. South and west-facing rooms will benefit from the cooling of the very warm light of the middle and end of the day. Whereas those rooms facing east could well benefit from a warmer colour treatment. Bone China Blue and Delicate Blue are a popular choice because the inclusion of a hint of other colours in their recipe make them perfect partners for many other hues.

Green-based blues

The bright blue paint colours in the Little Greene palette add a distinct air of excitement to any project. Our classic Air Force Blue, the mid-strength blue with high pigment complexity, combines so well with Pink Slip, French Grey-Mid, red furnishings and gold - as seen in the original Robert Adam scheme at Kenwood House. More strong and vibrant, Marine can be paired to great effect with warm mid strength greys, including French Grey, Limestone or Mortar.

Strong blues

From our palette of strong blues, Royal Navy, Dock Blue and Basalt work well on walls or used all-over in dining rooms and studies, where an intimate cocooning is the order of the day. Hick’s Blue can also evoke the same mood of sophistication and stature. Smalt, bright and energetic, serves well in rooms with greater activity - including kitchens.

Let’s not forget front door paint colours – second only to the classic black, strong blues provide popular curb-appeal. In particular, the near-black Basalt and Dock Blue are chosen for their fantastic pairing with both chrome and brass door furniture.

Many worry about blue because it has a reputation of coldness. Yet, others see it as warm and comforting. The current popular trend to use high strength and muted blues delivers serenity and comfort not often found with other colours.

Basalt - a dark blue, close to black - has become a standard for walls. Grey Blues have proven their worth too, with Hicks’ Blue leading the charge. This rich blue paint is easy to live with, in that it is a warm and gentile shade which combines so well with greens (Green Verditer) and yellows (Bath Stone) alike.

Pale Blues do create space within a room. Try Celestial Blue as an easy living, sophisticated period colour, which will always please as it relates so well to other colours and accessories.

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